CURRENT SPACE: Yes! Design for the Inside can look after your in-need exterior also, and this project was no exception!! With very dated red brick, and a ray of sunshine on top of the garage as a feature, it was screaming 1980’s.

CLIENT BRIEF: The client wanted a drastic change to the front facade, including some use of timber, if possible. He also hated the bronze aluminium windows, and needed better parking facilities.

CURRENT FACADE: We took a tired looking house from the 80’s and bought it right up to date. The brickwork was rendered, in a colour that would disguise the ugly window frames, as it was determined that changing them was not in the budget. The garage door was painted in a matching colour, and we installed stained cedar above the garage.  The grass was improved, and paving in the driveway. The gardens were replanted as well…





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