CURRENT SPACE: My clients had recently bought their first house, and while they were happy to wait to complete the other rooms, they wanted to at least have a bedroom that they felt happy to sleep in. The room had painted block walls, vinyl sheet flooring, no wardrobes, and a door leading to outside, which was never utilised, and compromised their privacy.

CLIENT BRIEF: My clients wanted very different things from their bedroom space. He wanted a masculine feel, with black; she wanted soft textures with white and feminine touches! They wanted to rid the room of the painted block walls, and add some much needed wardrobe space. They also agreed that the room was very dark, and both wanted timber flooring, at a reasonable cost.

COMPLETED SPACE: The finished room fulfilled a wish for each of my clients. Both black and white, masculine and feminine finishes were injected. The unsightly dark block walls were banished, and repainted in a soft warm grey. We did away with the door to outside, and used that previously useless wall for valuable wardrobe space. Finally, two types of laminate flooring were mixed, to create a look of real hardwood flooring at half the cost.





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