I recently celebrated my wedding anniversary, so was reminiscing about how far along the road my husband and I have travelled. Having a creative mind, it bought me back to a memory of an old flat that he used to share with a mate, and how horrified I used to be by the boring décor when I stayed over.

The topic recently came up with some of my friends, about the first impression that can be formed, of a potential partner, just by taking a peep into their bedroom.

It seemed that most of my girlfriends had the same ugly bedroom experience that I had. I think as modern women we have all experienced and been disappointed by “that” bedroom. You know! The quilt is creased up, faded or pilled. The sheets that have turned pink or grey due to a laundry sorting mix up. Non matching pillow cases that are laid flat over the top of the hitched up quilt. One of my girlfriends reported dumping a guy on the spot when his bed was adorned with the logo of his favorite football club!

Whatever the bedroom cry for help may be, one thing’s for certain; Your impression of this amazing man is starting to tarnish. As for romance? – Forget it!

Impression in the Bedroom

The confrontation of a dull bedroom is not just exclusive to the ladies. My male friends speak of a similar dilemma. They meet a smart, sophisticated, beautiful woman, but the floral pink bedspread, ruffled pillowcases and a bedroom full of teddies says she’s anything but what he thought. Now while a powder puff bedroom is probably not going to put a man off romance, he has already unconsciously made an opinion of you, based on the style of your bedroom.

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Make no mistake – you will be judged by the style of the bedroom you keep, after all, it’s an insight into who you are, and how you live your life.

It’s also the reason that couples like to frequent 5 star hotels. The room makes you feel relaxed, comfortable and happy. The perfect prelude for romance! There’s no reason that you can’t replicate these feelings within your own home, in your own bedroom every night of the week.

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I’m glad that I overlooked my husband’s hum drum bedroom all those years ago. Not only has he been a one in a million husband for 10 years, but he has also developed quite a love of fine bedding, and with years of coaching can make the perfect bed too!

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