Free in home visit with Design for the Inside leads to great result!

CURRENT SPACE: I recently had a client contact me about a downstairs area in her house that she couldn’t see a solution to. The room was primarily used as a teenage space for her boys, but because of the great outdoor space, she often had her girlfriends over for coffee.

CLIENT BRIEF: The room was very open, including a direct view into the bathroom and toilet from the living area. If visitors were over this was causing privacy issues for her sons, and housekeeping issues for her, given that her sons didn’t see the importance of a tidy bathroom!

COMPLETED SPACE: The solution was easy. I suggested we build a floor to ceiling wall in front of the wet areas, from the stairwell across toward the bedroom, creating a private hall.  It needed to be stepped out a third of the way along, to create a hallway that was wide enough. I also suggested some new flooring, and a reshuffle of her furniture.

I was happy to offer my help, as a part of my 1st free consultation, as this little tip wasn’t really something that would warrant hours of my time. It was certainly a much less expensive option to what the owner was dreaming up! Which is often the case.

The owner was thrilled, and definitely saw the benefits, of how a designer’s advice can save you money!





downstair wall